Kimmi: Queen of the Dingoes by Favel Parrett

Kimmi is a companion book to the moving Wandi, who was an Alpine dingo rescued as a pup when he fell from the sky (literally!). Kimmi opens like the beginnings of a bush ballad, a mellifluous cadence introducing the reader to a tiny Tropical dingo, the only girl pup in a litter of four, all of whom are protected by her mum and aunt. There are dangers everywhere and, to survive, these magnificent creatures now need humans to protect them – one of the species that has contributed to their near demise!

Will Kimmi have to leave the only home she has known in her short life and be parted from her family to survive? She comes to learn that no matter where life takes her, she will always be connected to her ancestors, ‘who have walked the red earth for thousands of years’.

These lovely hardbacks are small gems that will be appreciated by readers aged 7+.

Cover image for Kimmi: Queen of the Dingoes

Kimmi: Queen of the Dingoes

Favel Parrett

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