Impossible Inventions by Małgorzata Mycielska, Aleksandra Mizielinska & Daniel Mizielinski

Ever wondered what a water clock would look like? How about a ride in a land yacht? These are just some of the wacky inventions in this unusual book. Produced by the team who brought us the bestselling atlas, Maps, this is a beautifully illustrated introduction to some imaginative people and their strange inventions – inventions that were designed, built and mostly worked.

It explains the patenting process and has detailed diagrams of how inventions such as the balloon boat, concentration helmet or magnetic balloon would actually function. There are also fun, illustrated double-page spreads of how the invention might look being used in its contemporary time period. This is a fascinating slice of life from the years BC through to recent times, offered from a very unusual perspective. Lovers of history and science aged 7+ will be sure to laugh, learn something unique and may even be inspired to come up with their own inventions.

Angela Crocombe is the shop mananger at Readings Kids.

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Impossible Inventions

Malgorzata Mycielska

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