Goddess Crown by Shade Lapite

Goddess Crown is a fantasy debut featuring lush imagery, immersive language, worldbuilding, and a captivating, fast-paced plot. A distant goddess rules the Kingdom of Galla, her teachings long since warped and appropriated by a kingdom of four regions. The southern region where the palace is located has characterised literate women as mad and declared them inferior to men; women require the constant accompaniment of a man for financial and social safety. Kalothia, as the daughter of exiled parents, has grown up in the forest, ingesting the careful cultural and linguistic education of her caretakers, alongside martial arts training courtesy of her childhood friend Nahir. Everything changes for her, however, when she’s forced out of hiding and thrown into the midst of a political struggle for her kingdom; a struggle that only she, blessed by the goddess herself, can solve.

Kalothia is an endearing, strong-willed protagonist. She’s quick, capable, and tenacious in the face of the immense danger and political games that have ensnared her family. Her relationships with other characters are a testament to her unshakeable ideals, and as an agent of change, she’s a pleasure to watch plot her destiny. Goddess Crown binds together several well-loved conventions of YA fantasy: political intrigue, romance, strategic alliances, and a kingdom whose future is at stake. Recommended for readers 13+ due to descriptions of violence.

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Goddess Crown

Shade Lapite

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