Chippy Chasers: Chippy Jackpot by Sam Cotton

Chippy jackpot! Can’t argue with a title like that, hey? This is a graphic-novel chapter book, and it is very funny.

It’s bedtime in Sydney and Grandgull has the kids enthralled with a dramatic heist story from days gone by: a trio of seagulls – Stanley, Steve-O and Stacey – and their worm sidekick, Wormy, are scheming to get at the best, most beautiful, tastiest chippies ever. Will things go to plan? Or will things descend into chaos? All I can reveal is that as with all good action adventures, there’s a workout montage included, and I laughed heaps.

Sam Cotton’s art style is simple yet charming, with expressive eyebrows that do some heavy lifting. Chippy Chasers: Chippy Jackpot is obviously a great choice for Real Pigeons connoisseurs who are looking to branch out into different species of urban bird antics.

There’s an author’s note at the back of this book that sums it all up perfectly: ‘Birds are natural comedians. Everything about them makes me laugh. And I find their passion for chippies something I can relate to big time! Eating good hot chips is one of life’s ultimate pleasures.’ I wholeheartedly agree. For ages 6+.

Kim Gruschow is the co-manager of Readings St Kilda

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Chippy Chasers: Chippy Jackpot

Sam Cotton

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