Baz and Benz by Heidi McKinnon

Baz and Benz are friends. But sometimes Baz gets a little worried and has to check, ‘Benz, are we friends?’. Benz assures Baz they are Bestest Friends forever and ever. Even if Baz turned purple and spotty. Even if Baz made really, really annoying MEEEEEEP sounds all night long and never stopped they would still be friends. Kids will be delighted at how annoying Baz can be – and he is very good at being annoying – and will feel comforted knowing that even at his most annoying, Benz will always love him.

With lovely, brightly illustrated owls contrasted against a dark night sky, Baz and Benz is another hilarious (and slightly more heartwarming!) book about friendship from the author of I Just Ate My Friend. A really fun book to read aloud, Baz and Benz will also be a great addition to the libraries of Jon Klassen fans young and old. For readers aged 2+

Dani Solomon is the assistant manager at Readings Kids.

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Baz & Benz

Heidi McKinnon

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