Atmospheric: The Burning Story of Climate Change by Carole Wilkinson

This non-fiction book on climate science for readers aged ten and up is well researched and highly readable. To engage readers more effectively, each chapter begins with a first person narrative set in a key period in the past. These narratives show readers how different life has been for us throughout human history and how young people often questioned the way things were done.

Complete with a timeline of key dates, a glossary and suggested websites, Atmopsheric effectively uses short accessible chapters to introduce young readers to the facts and urgency of the situation. The author, Carole Wilkinson, is part of a climate action group in Melbourne and is obviously passionate about the topic. Her underlying motivation is clearly to inspire young people to make a difference and show them that they can be engaged in turning the climate crisis around. I really hope it succeeds.

Angela Crocombe

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Atmospheric: The Burning Story of Climate Change

Carole Wilkinson (Author)

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