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Review — 1 Aug 2021

Imaginative Possession: Learning to Live in the Antipodes by Belinda Probert

Upswell Publishing is a new not-for-profit imprint created by Terri-Ann White, former director and publisher at UWA Publishing. In her mission statement, White writes that she is‘interested in books that…

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Review — 31 Oct 2021

Another Day in the Colony by Chelsea Watego

Professor Chelsea Watego is a Munanjahli and South Sea Islander woman who grew up on Yuggera country. She recently joined Queensland University of Technology within the School of Public Health…

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Review — 29 Jun 2021

Things Are Against Us by Lucy Ellmann

Lucy Ellmann’s most recent novel, Ducks, Newburyport, was nominated for the Booker Prize in 2019. It is over 1000 pages long, has no paragraph breaks and almost no full…

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Review — 1 Jun 2021

Who Gets To Be Smart by Bri Lee

Bri Lee’s first book, Eggshell Skull, interrogated the failure of the Australian legal system to protect and advocate for victims of sexual assault. Lee’s ability to blend her own…

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Review — 30 Mar 2021

The Hard Crowd by Rachel Kushner

Rachel Kushner is a masterful storyteller. Her fiction is sharply insightful, completely original and always entertaining. This collection of short pieces proves her nonfiction to be just as engaging and…

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Review — 8 Nov 2020

Witness by Louise Milligan

Louise Milligan won the Walkley Book Award for her first book, Cardinal, which forensically and compassionately detailed the stories of several of the victims who made allegations of sexual…

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Review — 28 Jun 2020

A Lonely Girl Is A Dangerous Thing by Jessie Tu

Jessie Tu has worked as a classical violinist, teacher and journalist. This is her first work of fiction and it is an astonishing debut. The lonely girl at the heart…

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Review — 19 Aug 2019

Patsy by Nicole Dennis-Benn

Nicole Dennis-Benn dedicates her second novel to the ‘memory of the untold stories of undocumented immigrants’. We first meet Patsy in 1998 in Jamaica; she is standing in the hot…

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Review — 23 Feb 2020

Blueberries by Ellena Savage

To make a living as an author, Ellena Savage writes, you need to have a diverse portfolio. As an editor, academic, teacher, critic, literary event host (among other things), Ellena…

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Review — 24 Sep 2017

The Trauma Cleaner by Sarah Krasnostein

Writer and lawyer Sarah Krasnostein first met Sandra Pankhurst at a conference for forensic support services. Sandra’s business card advertises ‘specialised trauma cleaning’: ‘hoarding and pet hoarding’ and ‘homicide, suicide…

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