Mostly Sunny with a chance of storms

Marion Roberts

Mostly Sunny with a chance of storms
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Mostly Sunny with a chance of storms

Marion Roberts

Sunny and her family are moving into her Grandmother’s old mansion, Windermere. Sunny wins the turret bedroom from her step-siblings (using her powers of Reverse Psychology), but is soon tangled up in mischief involving bored dogs, a cranky old gardener, an angel-sighting, a match-making mission and a boy who knits. To make matters worse, over at her dad’s house, Sunny’s baby half-sister Flora has turned the world upside-down, and Steph can’t seem to find a way to turn it right-side-up again. Even with a sunny disposition, storm clouds can gather on the horizon, and this winter Sunny must find ways to offer warmth and shelter to those she cares for most. This is the second book about Sunny Hathaway, following Sunny Side Up.


Sunny Hathaway is a local girl who goes to Elwood Primary School and lives with her parents in the area. Her life is pretty normal, but then it all changes. Her mum decides to move into her dead grandma’s house. Sunny ’s life is filled with sadness and wants to find out where her grandma is, where nothing is, the place that you go to when you die.

With a boy that knits, an angel sighting, a baby sister and a class of dogs, Sunny’s life is a story to be read. The characters are so welcoming and every bit is exciting! I recommend this book for ages 10 – 12 years. Enjoy the un-ordinary life of Sunny and see things through her eyes.

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