The Black Book of Colours

Menena Cottin, Rosana Faria

The Black Book of Colours
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The Black Book of Colours

Menena Cottin, Rosana Faria

An award-winning, unforgettable black book about colour, which shows you how to see without your eyes. It can be hard for a sighted person to imagine what it is like to be blind. But in this breathtaking, ground-breaking and award-winning colour book, Menena Cottin and Rosana Faria try to convey the experience of a person who can see only through their sense of touch, taste, smell or hearing. With gorgeous textured art on black paper, accompanied by a beautifully written text translated into braille, this powerful book breaks down barriers and gives young readers the ability to experience the world in a whole new way.


This extraordinary book introduces children to colours in a completely fresh way. Thomas can’t see colours, but he can use all his other senses to understand them. The Black Book of Colours is printed entirely in black, with glossy raised illustrations and braille text to accompany the regular white text. Readers can use their fingertips to ‘see’ the pictures, and consider such lovely things as how red can be sour like unripe strawberries, and how green can smell like freshly-cut grass.

The Black Book of Colours is fun, poetic and eye-opening in equal parts.

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