Sweet in Tooth and Claw

Kristin Ohlson

Sweet in Tooth and Claw
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Sweet in Tooth and Claw

Kristin Ohlson

In Sweet in Tooth and Claw, Kristin Ohlson explores the subtle ways in which nature is in constant collaboration to the betterment of all species. From the bear that discards the remainders of his salmon dinner on the forest ground, to the bright coral reefs of Cuba, and even ancient Greek philosophy, she shows readers not only the connectivity lying beneath the surface in natural ecosystems, but why it’s vital for humans to incorporate that understanding into our interaction with nature, and also with each other.

Much of the damage that humans have done to our natural environment stems from our ignorance of these largely hidden but dense webs of connection in nature. As we struggle to cope with global warming and other environmental hazards that our behaviour has unleashed, it’s more important than ever to have a better understanding of how nature functions through its billions of co-operative interactions. This way, we can not only stop disrupting and destroying them, but rely on them to renew ecosystems.

In reporting from the frontlines of scientific research, regenerative agriculture, and urban conservation, Ohlson shows that co-operative connections among humans are not only essential, but are similar to the ones in nature - and can produce similar benefits.

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