Mars Awakens

H.M. Waugh

Mars Awakens
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Mars Awakens

H.M. Waugh

Raised in rival colonies on Mars, each long ago abandoned by Earth, Dee and Holt have been brought up to hate even the idea of each other.

But when a mysterious object crash-lands on a far-flung plain, they are both sent to investigate and their fates intertwine. Together they must battle epic storms and deadly bioclouds while unpicking the web of lies they have been told about their planet.

Will their bond be strong enough to withstand the arrival of a mysterious invader that threatens to end life on Mars forever?   

Timely and compelling, Mars Awakens is the unputdownable first book in a duology offering a window into our future.


Dee is from one of two colonies on Mars, Davinci and Newton. Like the majority of citizens of Davinci, Dee is a girl; Y’s (boys), being extremely rare. Dee is a gardener and works hard on the lightly terraformed Mars to ensure the colony’s survival while waiting for Phase 2 – a supplies drop off from Earth. When she spots a mysterious meteor from Earth, she rushes to the crash site to find she’s not alone – a boy (!) from Newton is also there. While to her he is a precious, if slightly stupid, commodity to be protected, to him she is a dangerous Other and is not to be trusted.

Mars Awakens is a much needed and much welcomed ‘hard’ sci-fi for primary school readers. It does what the genre at its absolute best should – gets you excited for a distant, alien future that might very well happen. For ages 10+.

Dani Solomon is the manager at Readings Kids

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