The Chameleon Thief

Mat Larkin

The Chameleon Thief
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The Chameleon Thief

Mat Larkin

How far would you go to save your enemy?    

Attica Stone has fantastic friends, a great life and a massive problem: her bestie, Jinni Miscamble, suddenly hates her. Attica doesn’t know why - but she does know Jinni’s done   something bad. Really bad. And only Attica can help her deal with the consequences. Does Jinni want Attica’s help? No. Does she need it? Yes. But in order to save Jinni, Attica will need to pull off a stunt so wild, so daring, that it might just get her kicked out of town …     

Razor-sharp wit, not-quite-right magic tricks and a heist involving the world’s rudest bunnies combine in this irresistible read from beloved author Mat Larkin. A prequel to his exuberant debut The Orchard Underground, The Chameleon Thief is a stand-alone novel featuring reader favourite Attica Stone.


Once you meet the wildly quirky and endearing Attica Stone, you’re unlikely to forget her. She’s surrounded by a loving family of Aunts and supported by devoted and unusually gifted friends. So, when Attica’s best friend suddenly hates her, her world is thrown into turmoil.

Unfortunately, Attica’s best friend has done a bad thing which has dire consequences. Attica devises a cunning, daring and wild plan to save her friend, but if it fails it will get Attica in a world of trouble.

Success rests on the support of friends, a chameleon, rogue bunnies and too many other unusual occurrences to list. The big important question plaguing Attica and her friends: is rectifying The Bad Thing the right thing to do?

This is a wild rollercoaster ride of illusion and mayhem, a fast-paced adventure with a strong female protagonist and a diverse cast of unconventional characters; it’s pure delight. The Chameleon Thief is a standalone novel and the prequel to the funny and mysterious adventure, The Orchard Underground; you definitely don’t have to have read it to enjoy this new intriguing mystery. Highly recommended for ages 9+.

Athina Clarke is from Readings Malvern

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