Milo Finds $105 (Bored, #1)

Matt Stanton

Milo Finds $105 (Bored, #1)
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Milo Finds $105 (Bored, #1)

Matt Stanton

Sometimes feeling bored is just the beginning …      

Hi, I’m Milo, and right now I’m chasing $105 as it flies down my street. The wind is blowing it towards Evie Watson’s house, which is very bad news. It’s also making for some pretty awkward running.   

My neighbours, Rocco, Luisa and Zak, must be laughing their heads off. And who knows what’s happening with the new kid next door. His name is Frog and he’s invented his own type of martial art, which he’s not very good at even though he made it up.   

Finding this much money should have been a good thing, but it’s turning into a disaster!    

From million-copy bestseller Matt Stanton, author of FUNNY KID and THE ODDS, comes an hilarious new series about the complicated business of being a kid.         


‘Milo Finds $105 is about friendships and how they can morph and evolve, and … how first impressions are not always what they seem. The language between the kids is authentic and there is a strong sense of family in the book … The chapters are short and engaging, which may inspire confidence in reluctant readers. Stanton, author of 'Funny Kid’ and ‘The Odds’, looks to have produced another winning series'  - Books+Publishing


When Milo finds $105 on the road outside his house, his stepmum tells him ‘finders keepers’. But his mum, who is studying to be a lawyer, says he should ‘find who dropped it’ – and she has final say.

Milo reluctantly starts his search by asking Frog, the new boy in the cul-de-sac. Milo has never met anyone as confident as Frog before, and in no time at all Frog has all the kids in the street talking to each other. This makes Milo anxious because now everyone is trying to find a way to claim the money. Milo is the kind of kid who normally keeps his head way down, so going along with the other kids’ plans starts to give him a sick feeling in his stomach and make his eyes sting hot with tears.

I adored Milo Finds $105; it perfectly captures the kids’ personalities and the drama and trials of everyday childhood. Great for readers ages 7+.

Dani Solomon is the manager of Readings Kids.

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