Perfectly Pegasus

Jessie Sima

Perfectly Pegasus
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Perfectly Pegasus

Jessie Sima

A lonely pegasus looks for the perfect friend in this sweet and adorable picture book companion to the  bestselling Not Quite Narwhal!   

Nimbus has always lived among the clouds. She’s a pegasus, after all, and the sky is where she belongs. She is one of a kind. And when she wants a friend, all she has to do is look up-and talk to the stars.    

Only…they don’t really talk back. The clouds don’t, either. And sometimes, being the only pegasus can be a little…lonely? So she decides to find a fallen star to make a wish on-and wishes for friends who are just like her.

Along the way she meets a Unicorn named Kelp, and a host of other creatures…who might just open her eyes to something other than what’s up in the sky.


In the pages of Jessie Sima’s adorable new picture book, you will find the brightest rainbows, the best constellations and the sweetest little winged horse ever imagined. Her name is Nimbus and the sky is her playground. Usually, she loves spending her days sculpting clouds and her nights making pictures from the stars, but having adventures on her own can be lonely.

When Nimbus tries wishing on a falling star for someone to play with, the star disappears before she can finish her wish and she flies down to earth to find it. There she is greeted by a whole host of willing helpers on her search, one of whom is a not-quite-Narwhal called Kelp. Searching with friends is fun but if they don’t find the star, will our little Pegasus have to return to the sky all alone?

Full of bright illustrations, Perfectly Pegasus will appeal to all ages, but the story is ideal for ages 2+.

Kate McIntosh is the manager of Readings Doncaster.

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