The Wealth of Families: Building, Preserving & Transferring Wealth

Jack Ellis

The Wealth of Families: Building, Preserving & Transferring Wealth
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The Wealth of Families: Building, Preserving & Transferring Wealth

Jack Ellis

Suppose you have a family or plan to have one someday. In that case, wealth management is one of the most important skills you can learn to ensure that the money you work hard for is appropriately handled. The Wealth of Families is about money management, investment advice, and wealth transfer from a Christian perspective, but it is also helpful for a secular audience. It conveys valuable ideas and the process for building wealth, preserving wealth, and transferring that wealth to your family members and charities. The book focuses on budgeting and establishing spending limits and savings goals as we build wealth. It instructs you on how to plan, set up, and implement goals to become debt-free, save for college and retirement, and establish an emergency fund so that you can stay on track and maintain your savings goals. There are also significant tax savings revealed throughout the book. This book will explain how to teach these concepts to your children in order to prepare the next generation for excellent money management. It covers in detail how and why you should give to your family and charities while you are alive, rather than distributing these assets after you pass away. The guidance and strategies in The Wealth of Families will enable you to build, maintain, and transfer wealth in a way that fosters the building of the kingdom of God and ensure that your money will be used in accordance with Christian principles. But even if you are not a Christian, this book will guide you on managing your wealth prudently and effectively.

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