My Little Pilgrim: A family chasing a dream on the Camino de Santiago

Sole Simon, Maria Valentina Bertran, Solange Simon Gomez

My Little Pilgrim: A family chasing a dream on the Camino de Santiago
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My Little Pilgrim: A family chasing a dream on the Camino de Santiago

Sole Simon, Maria Valentina Bertran, Solange Simon Gomez

A brief story of love and courage that a little Chilean-Argentinean family dares to go for their dreams beyond borders and fears, traveling on foot with their little baby in the exciting Way of St. James.They started this journey on April 19th, 2018. From Saint Jean Pied de Port in the south of France. They crossed the Pyrenees and walked for 45 days along 500 miles to reach their destination in Santiago de Compostela on June3rd.Dare to walk on this inspiring adventure with Theo, Sole and Alex. Join them in this magical and millennial path that transforms the lives of many, as it did with them.Sole Simon, Psychologist, writer, adventurer and Theo’s mum. Born in Vina del Mar, back in the 80s. Of Chilean-German nationality, specialized in positive psychology with studies in ayurvedic medicine, chiromassage, aromatherapy, among others. This is the first time she completes the Camino de Santiago and, most likely, not the last. She is passionate about photography, the study of educational practices and the promotion of people’s wellbeing.TheoHappy storyteller and singer of many songs. He has been on the road for 2 years; he has traveled through 15 countries, 3 seas, more than 500 playgrounds and many kilometers in nature. He likes to paint, socialize and play with his little toy cars. Alex PatzoldDad of Theo, Tomi, Valentina and Barbara. He was born in Buenos Aires. Of Argentinian-Austrian nationality. He undertook military, law and civil affairs studies. He has published several books of poems, essays on Motivational Coaching and Leadership. He currently devoteshis time to different activities such as, hiking, abstract art, the development of a Cultural Center and writing. Thank you very much for taking the time to read this simple story. We appreciate it with all our hearts. It is our wish that you can get to knowand feel a little of what we lived, in this beautiful journey through the Way of Saint James.Many people asked us before leaving why we thought it was good to try to make this journey with Theo being so small, with so much physical and personal sacrifice and the truth was that there were many answers we could give. Perhaps the one that represented us the most at the timeis that we felt free to go for a dream that would be positive for all of us and that no onecould take away from us.Since we decided to do so, we felt too much joy in our hearts and it seemed that it wasmore than enough reason to give it a try.We also thought that it would be an excellent opportunity to spend some time with our family and that Theo would benefit from every minute of contact with us and nature in a very special way.We believed a lot in ourselves in those difficult moments of decision. In our strength, in Theo and that the path would take care of us and give us what we needed to go on. We imagined in some way that the path was choosing us and that’s why we always say, that we wish that all that we received, we can give back in what remains of the path of life. If this book falls into your hands, we will be very happy; but happier we will be if one day you decide to make your own way, like this one or like any other that calls your heart.Thank you again for being here and Good Journey!

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