The Supernatural Survival Guide

George Ivanoff

The Supernatural Survival Guide
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The Supernatural Survival Guide

George Ivanoff

There is so much weird stuff out there - but the TRUTH is in here!   

Have you had a close encounter with a UFO? Is your house HAUNTED? Have you seen a YETI?  

Don’t worry, The Supernatural Survival Guide has all the info you need to survive a brush with the SPOOKY.   The world is a pretty amazing place, but there are still things out there that are full of mystery and make us wonder.

Is the Loch Ness Monster real? Does Big Foot exist? Are there scientific reasons for hauntings? What is cryptozoology? What can explain UFO sightings by multiple witnesses?   

The Supernatural Survival Guide will tackle these and other questions about all things paranormal. There is so much WEIRD stuff out there … but the TRUTH is in here!

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