The Sky
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The Sky

Helene Druvert, Juliette Einhorn

This gorgeous, large-format book is filled with clever cutouts that take readers on a soaraway journey up, up and away through the clouds, through the atmosphere and to the planets, the stars and beyond. On the way they’ll learn about birds, insects and pollination, witness a tornado and an eclipse, and see all kinds of flying machines.

This fact-filled journey is by Hélène Druvert, the acclaimed creator of many laser-cut books for children.


With illustrations by Hélène Druvert and words by Juliette Einhorn, The Sky is a piece of art featuring cleverly designed laser-cut pages that lift us up through the atmosphere and carry us along the wind on delicate dandelion seeds.

This coffee-table children’s information book covers all aspects of the sky, including where the sky begins and where it ends (much later than I thought!). Beautiful illustrations of zeppelins and hang-gliders, along with many other vehicles, demonstrate all the ways humans have conquered the sky, and the final page is full of ways we can protect our sky – and our planet.

On top of the stunning illustrations, the text is interesting too, full of refreshing new facts to learn. This a fantastic book highly recommended for all kids who have an interest in the sky, the weather or space. For ages 9+

Dani Solomon is the manager at Readings Kids.

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