Solo Jump: Open your mind to a new way of living and become your own superhero!

Solange Zindzi

Solo Jump: Open your mind to a new way of living and become your own superhero!
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Solo Jump: Open your mind to a new way of living and become your own superhero!

Solange Zindzi

GROWTH FOLLOWS KNOWLEDGE AND ACTION FOLLOWS INSPIRATION!Are you wishing there was an easier way to achieve your glorious dreams? Each time you feel fear, you can either choose to become it or you can conquer it. Choosing to conquer your fears goes many times hand in hand with stretching your comfort zone. Stretching your comfort zone or deciding to jump into the unknown can feel risky, scary and uncomfortable, can’t it? Also, your self-esteem might get challenged when facing fears and you may end up doubting your own dreams, desires, qualities, skills, intuition, choices or sometimes even your entire reason for existence. This is why it’s so important to put in a serious amount of work and commitment, making sure your personal foundation stones are rock solid, before you decide to take your leap of faith. Thereupon, reading an inspirational book, while establishing your foundation ground, can be super beneficial. SOLO JUMP is about learning to trust yourself and discovering you had the powers and answers inside of you all along. Even when life feels like you’re closer to drowning, Solange experienced, there’s always a way back to greatness, as long as you don’t give up! Her tips, tricks and tools are written from experience instead of theory only, and will take you along her personal journey while she shares with you how good it feels to dare yourself to be bold. Solange has danced through life, experiencing different cultures and lifestyles while traveling to more than 50 countries, making her big dreams her reality. Because she dared to jump when life presented new opportunities, she learned what joy, bliss, happiness and freedom actually felt like. The fortunate and unfortunate experiences that have defined her personal journey through life have also led her to discover tools that still guide her every day. Solange’s story isn’t written to impress you but to inspire you, so you too feel empowered to follow your own heart! What does solo jump stand for? Solo means sun. Solo means alone (independent) Jump stands for taking that leap of faith. Jump stands for getting on your feet and into action SOLO JUMP: having the courage to take that independent, individualistic leap towards your desires while shining bright like the sun along the way. Solange does everything in her life with pure intention, passion and purpose, and is convinced your potential is truly limitless! She aspires that everyone she gets to cross paths with for that one minute or that chapter in life, will feel a little better about themselves than they did before. This is why, she has her heart set on that whenever you finish reading her book; it will be the same for you! Solange is confident your desires are already yours and they are just waiting for you to believe that they are. Solange Zindzi is a certified life and success coach, passionate dancer, model, author, speaker, glow-getter expert, and a woman with a big vision who helps dreamers become glow-getters. What for Solange started off as a journey to discover her own worthiness and desires, transformed into the start of her very own business. Solange’s mission is to inspire and guide people all over the world to listen to, trust and follow their own inner voice while she teaches them how to build courage and confidence to solo jump towards their personal desires.

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