Mim and the Baffling Bully (The Travelling Bookshop, Book 1)

Katrina Nannestad, Cheryl Orsini

Mim and the Baffling Bully (The Travelling Bookshop, Book 1)
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Mim and the Baffling Bully (The Travelling Bookshop, Book 1)

Katrina Nannestad, Cheryl Orsini

The right book might just change your life …

Mim Cohen roams the world in a travelling bookshop, with her dad and brother and a horse called Flossy. Flossy leads them where she will, to the place where they’re needed most … the place where the perfect book will find its way home.

Now Mim has arrived in a pretty Dutch village where she meets Willemina, a kind and gentle child, who is being bullied by a girl named Gerda. Mim knows they’re here to help Willemina. To change her life. To make her strong and brave and happy. If only Dad would find her the right book. If only he would stop giving everyone else the wrong book!

From the beloved author of The Girl, the Dog and the Writer in Rome and We Are Wolves comes an enchanting series for young readers.


All bookshops are magical places but the Travelling Bookshop takes magical to another level. Wherever it goes, enchantment follows, and usually it’s for a good reason: a problem to resolve or a situation that needs rectifying.

Mim, her dad and her younger brother travel the roads in a caravan that doubles as a bookshop pulled by Flossy the horse. Their lives are as unconventional as their shop. Flossy leads them to a Dutch village where the residents come by to seek out books, though Mim’s dad’s recommendations initially seem totally unsuited to their requirements. It is here that Mim befriends a sweet, gentle girl who is being bullied. Luckily, the bookshop and Mim’s dad can help.

This is such a lovely, happy book that approaches life’s dilemmas with humour and wisdom. Katrina Nannestad is a terrific author whose versatility and humanity shine in every one of her books, and Cheryl Orsini’s illustrations compliment the story perfectly. Highly recommended for ages 7+.

Alexa Dretzke is the assistant manager and children’s book buyer at Readings Hawthorn.

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