The Adventure Club: Red Panda Rescue: Book 1

Jess Butterworth, Kirsti Beautyman

The Adventure Club: Red Panda Rescue: Book 1
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The Adventure Club: Red Panda Rescue: Book 1

Jess Butterworth, Kirsti Beautyman

Do you like exploring, animals and adventure? Then join The Adventure Club this summer! A brand new illustrated series for younger readers about animals and adventure from much-loved author Jess Butterworth - writer of classic adventure stories in vibrantly described settings. Tilly has no plans for the summer holidays and is dreading months of boredom – that is until she becomes part of The Adventure Club and wins a place to go track and monitor endangered red pandas in Nepal! In the Himalayas, she meets other members of the club, rides on yaks, plants a bamboo forest and even spots the secretive red panda. But then the red panda Tilly and her team has been monitoring disappears. Will Tilly be able to help find it, or will her first ever adventure end in disaster? Packed full of illustrations and set as Tilly’s own diary, this new series is perfect for young readers who are beginning to read on their own.


Tilly has just moved to a new town and has created an Adventure Book to help her have fun over the school holidays. Mostly her adventure goals are things like ‘make new friends’, but soon she gets a chance to fill it with details about a real adventure when she wins a competition to fly to Nepal with three other kids to help save the red panda.

On her travels, she sleeps in a tent (luckily not the one with a scorpion in it), climbs over a mountain pass, finds a real red panda in the wild, and even saves one from a poacher! Tilly learnt so much on her trip, and when she returns to England she’s inspired to start her own Adventure Club to help save the local bees. Adventure Club: Red Panda Rescue is a great junior novel for all kids interested in animals, conservation and having adventures. For ages 6+.

Dani Solomon is the assistant manager at Readings Kids.

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