Universally Yours, The Phoenix

Laura Jean Lysander

Universally Yours, The Phoenix
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Universally Yours, The Phoenix

Laura Jean Lysander

3rd Expanded Edition What if…you just woke up in a stark, strange place, and then like a slap in the face find out that your entire life was just a huge, masqueraded lie? That you weren’t whom you thought you were at all? Jonathan Gold did. He was just a humorous, happy-go-lucky athletically gifted, warm-hearted almost graduated Senior in High school…thought he had it made for his college future; a decorated football and martial artist sportsman, class of 1982 with fabulous football scholarships to choose from and maybe a job at his gym/Dojo…it seemed ridiculous, how could he be shanghaied, subdued, shafted from his bedroom in the mid of night, then waking up in a flopping fog to a husky, hulking kidnapper named Bruce and his lovely cohort, a lady doctor, Sheila. Was it just some undercover mixup? It gets even stranger, as they experiment on him and throw him together with the also kidnapped and valorously vain gal Selene, with such beautiful violet-hued eyes, platinum hair, super-goddess bod, an incredible physical beauty; the same traits Jon also had. It all takes an even more bizarre and even cosmic turn when things go haywire wrong with a shocking experiment Jon is compelled to endure, and they are all forced to take a very far away trip, way across the galaxy. Jon wakes up again…on a different planet, with a funky piece of jewelry on his neck which seems to come with a hysterical soundtrack and lyrics, as well as immensely aviary universal intelligence and mystic, wild, defensive abilities synchronized with Jon’s body and soul; a legendary sought-after artifact that everyone who knows about it would…kill for, no matter what. So Jon’s new life, new name, newfound ancestral family, and the civilization of so many others who rely on its power and protection to his dismay are now thrown into urgent, violent danger, and possibly all of Earth as well. There may be only possibly one never thought of and well-hidden, helpful ally, within the chattery poetic talking flowery blooms? How could they possibly help him? Jon’s in for the flight of his life if he can glide through it and save them all. Swoop in and find out! Will Jon lay an egg, or soar to hero’s heights? Read on to find out…

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