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Bruce Pascoe, Charmaine Ledden-Lewis

Winner of the Kestin Indigenous Illustrator Award

This gentle story set in the rugged Australian bush is about a small calf who becomes separated from his family.

The little calf is alone and simply wants his mother, sisters and brothers. He can see other animals, and after running to the river, manages to ask some horses if they are his family. The calf’s family have been taken away in the back of a noisy truck. So begins the little calf’s journey to find his family.

In Found we share the calf’s point of view in an evocative story, accompanied by stunning illustrations.

‘Using animals to analogise human stories is a tried and true way to make complex events and ideas accessible for young children, and this is no exception’ - Anica Boulanger-Mashberg, Books + Publishing, read here


Found starts with a frightened calf in the Australian outback; he can’t find his family. The calf is very quickly found by a man, who picks him up and pushes him into the back of a cattle truck full of other distressed-looking cows. The calf quickly escapes, but as the truck drives off the calf realises the man has stolen his mother. Alone again, the calf wanders the country, finding animals similar to him but not the same, until, finally, he hears a distant moo. The calf calls out and his mother responds, allowing the calf to follow the calls until he is safely back with his mother and family.

Found is a very gentle introduction to a very difficult and painful part of our nation’s history, the Stolen Generations. It’s aided by the beautiful illustrations of Charmaine Ledden-Lewis, who does a wonderful job of capturing the stunning colours of the Australian outback. For ages 3+.

Dani Solomon is the assistant manager at Readings Kids.

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