Welcome to Smellville (Garbage Pail Kids Book 1)

R. L. Stine, Jeff Zapata, Joe Simko

Welcome to Smellville (Garbage Pail Kids Book 1)
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Welcome to Smellville (Garbage Pail Kids Book 1)

R. L. Stine, Jeff Zapata, Joe Simko

Welcome to the town of Garbage Falls, where nine kids all live in a big tumbledown house and have as much fun as they possibly can. People may think that they’re gross and weird and slobby and strange, but they’re not bad kids-they just don’t know any better. In this hilarious new series from bestselling author R. L. Stine, the Garbage Pail Kids-from Adam Bomb to Brainy Janey-get into mischief at their middle school, all while battling bullies and their archenemies, Penny and Parker Perfect. These allnew illustrated stories are sure to amuse, entertain, and repulse readers of all ages. Bonus: includes four exclusive Garbage Pail Kids stickers!

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