Arno and His Horse

Jane Godwin, Felicita Sala

Arno and His Horse
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Arno and His Horse

Jane Godwin, Felicita Sala

Arno had a horse, it was brown and it was black. He took it with him everywhere, but did he bring it back?

When Arno loses his precious toy horse, all the kids ?in town help him to look for it. They look everywhere, but will Arno ever see his horse again?

A touching story about memory, dreams, and the mysterious ways we feel connected to those we love.


Most kids have a special toy that they love to carry everywhere. Arno’s most precious item is a little wooden horse that his grandpa carved for him. After a day’s adventuring with friends, Arno realises that his horse has been left behind. The children retrace their steps to the playground, the cubby house and across the countryside to see if they can find it. When they can’t locate it, Arno is despondent. It’s not until later that night when Arno’s grandfather comes to him in his dreams, young and full of energy as he rides his own horse through the river, that Arno recalls the hiding spot of his beloved wooden horse.

A delightful rhyme scheme and Felicita Sala’s beautiful watercolour illustrations of the landscape, as well as of Arno and his friends, make this poignant tale truly special. I particularly loved the depiction of the strong bond between grandparent and grandchild through a keepsake. Arno and His Horse is an utter delight for kids ages 3+.

Angela Crocombe is the manager of Readings Kids.

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