4 Days 4 Nights 4 Ladies 4 Guys

Bryan Stevenson

4 Days 4 Nights 4 Ladies 4 Guys
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4 Days 4 Nights 4 Ladies 4 Guys

Bryan Stevenson

Have you ever wondered what its like to finally meet that one person you have been waiting for to spend the rest of your life with? Your soulmate if you will. That one person whom you love and who loves you back with every inch of their very own existance. I welcome you as a readerto my first of a trilogy of romance novels. Now, you may think to yourself, A romance novel? Written by a guy? Okay, so everyone is allowed their own opinion, but let me be the first to say, this is a novel i have written certain topics that MOST guys in general would NEVER talk about as a rule, but I do. So if you like old fashion romance, chivalry, and perhaps a way of life like it should be, then this just MAY be the novel for you. The getting to know that one person whom you just might fiscover to be that special someone to whom was meant for you. A new breath of fresh air that could take you to that place you have always dreamed of. So how does one write romance novels, and what does he know about love when he hasent even dated exclusively with any one gal in nearly twenty years? Well, I’ll tell you this has been a thought in my life ever since i can remember. Yet, who would have EVER thought I would write a trilogy of chick flick novels to perhaps find the woman that was meant for me. I have always been a believer in true love, and perhaps once upon a time I may have even had a taste of what love is all about. Do you believe in new beginnings and finding true love in your life? Who writes a book to find true love? Let your delicate fingers slip through my pages and let us see if we can discover that together. I invite you now to a novel written from the heart to the heart…with heart.

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