Sofia Valdez, Future Prez

Andrea Beaty, David Roberts

Sofia Valdez, Future Prez
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Sofia Valdez, Future Prez

Andrea Beaty, David Roberts

Sofia Valdez did as much as she could for her family and friends and her whole neighborhood. A dreamer. A doer. A real-life go-getter. Most people like good, but Sofia liked better.     

In the newest picture book in the mega-bestselling Questioneers series, Sofia Valdez fights for change and finds her voice as a   community leader! Every morning, Abuelo walks Sofia to school…until one day, when  Abuelo hurts his ankle at a local landfill and he can no longer do so.   

Sofia misses her Abuelo and wonders what she can do about the dangerous Mount Trashmore. Then she gets an idea - the town can turn the slimy mess into a park! She brainstorms and plans and finally works up the courage to go to City Hall-only to be told by a clerk that she can’t build a park because she’s just a kid! Sofia is down but not out, and she sets out to prove what one kid can do.


There could not be a more pertinent time for a book about a young girl with a vision for a better world! From a young age Sofia has been keen to help out and has cared about others. Along with her beloved Abuelo (grandfather), she understands a lot about her neighbourhood. After a nasty mishap at the local tip, her grandfather is injured. Sofia decides to campaign for the fearsome mountain of refuse to be cleared and for a community park to be built. Too much for one girl to achieve, you ask? Initially daunted, Sofia musters her resolve and marches down to City Hall where she eventually rouses the support of the mayor and town officials.

This wonderful series of books, which started with Iggy Peck, Architect, has highlighted how passion, inspiration and belief will always have positive outcomes if given the opportunity. The author and illustrator have provided an ideal of inclusiveness, tossed out the old notions of stereotypes and shown kids how awesome they can be. A few of the characters from previous books make a cameo appearance at the end of this story, which has a wonderful, celebratory ending. This is sure to be a highlight in the picture book year. For ages 3+.

Alexa Dretzke is the assistant manager and children’s book buyer at Readings Hawthorn.

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