History and Theories of Psychology: A Critical Perspective

Dai Jones, Jonathan Elcock

History and Theories of Psychology: A Critical Perspective
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History and Theories of Psychology: A Critical Perspective

Dai Jones, Jonathan Elcock

As the discipline of psychology matures, there is a gradual trend toward considering the influences on the development of theoretical positions within psychology. The authors use the history of the discipline to present and explain the critical view to students. In this book they point out how psychology has been shaped by ideas from different disciplines; how new theories carry over elements of old theories; and how psychology positions itself to address the concerns of wider society. This method also helps to identify the presentist bias of accepting theoretical positions as true by showing that our acceptance of modern day theories is not necessarily better founded than previous belief in behavioursim. This same broad historical perspective, once established, is then used to consider issues of debate in modern psychology, thus developing a clearer view of the nature of psychology, and promoting criticl engagement with the discipline in students.

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