Brilliant Ideas by Wonderful Women

Aitziber Lopez, Luciano Lozano

Brilliant Ideas by Wonderful Women
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Brilliant Ideas by Wonderful Women

Aitziber Lopez, Luciano Lozano

Car heaters… Monopoly…Disposable diapers…The dishwasher…Kevlar…Maritime flares… Anti-reflective glass…Wifi…Syringes…Submarine periscopes…Diagnostic tests…Lifeboats… Windshield wipers…Ebooks…

What do each of these revolutionary inventions have in common? They were all pioneered by women!   

Discover the story behind some of the 20th century’s key inventions in this fun and informative treasury of trailblazing women, who each made a unique contribution to the history of science and technology. From lifeboat-inventor, Maria Beasley, to the grandmother of the ebook, Angela Ruiz Robles, each of the brilliant women in this book achieved their goal of leaving the world a better place than they found it.   

An inspiring anthology for the next generation of super scientists.


Men have long been credited as great innovators but thankfully publishers are now celebrating the contribution of ingenious women inventors in a flood of wonderful titles we can’t get enough of! This latest picture book showcases fifteen brilliant inventions from domestic products (such as dishwashers and disposable nappies), to medical devices (including the one-handed glass syringe and the first diagnostic test for diabetes) and everything from sea flares, non-reflective glass, the first WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS down to the Kevlar used in bullet-proof vests.

It’s an amazing diversity of innovations with one thing in common: they were all invented by women you’ve probably never heard of – women from all different socio-economic and professional backgrounds who faced enormous obstacles to patenting and marketing their inventions simply because they weren’t men! Thanks to books like Brilliant Ideas by Wonderful Women, history is finally recognising the mothers of invention.

Highly recommended for ages 7+, this picture book will sit proudly on the shelf next to the Little People Big Dreams series and is a wonderful forerunner to Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls.

Alexa Dretzke is the assistant manager and children’s book buyer at Readings Hawthorn.

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