Help Around the House

Morris Gleitzman

Help Around the House
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Help Around the House

Morris Gleitzman

The funny and moving story of a boy and his friends never losing heart in a sometimes heartless world. Perfect for 8+ readers. Ludo helps other people. It’s how he was brought up. When Dad is elected to Federal Parliament, Ludo grabs the chance to make Australia an even better place. But he soon discovers it’s not the homeless of the national capital who most need his help - it’s the rich and powerful.


When Ludo’s dad is elected to Federal Parliament, Ludo knows this is the perfect opportunity for both his dad and him to make good on the promise they made his dying mum – that they would always continue to try to help people. Unfortunately, Mike, Ludo’s dad’s political advisor, seems to think being re-elected is more important, and he sends Mike off on a fundraising trip the night after Ludo arrives in Canberra. This doesn’t stop Ludo though, and when an outing to help the homeless of Canberra uncovers a conspiracy and a mysteriously injured homeless man, Ludo starts to see that maybe it’s the rich and powerful who need his help more.

It must be strange for kids who are told to share and to play nicely to then walk past the TV to see…well, almost anything to do with politics, really, both local and international. Help Around the House highlights this contrast beautifully by pointing out that we hold Scouts to higher standards than we do Members of Parliament.

It would be easy to give up when your enemy isn’t just a person but a system, but Ludo and his friends are determined to do what’s right, at whatever cost. They help us remember that a) doing what’s right isn’t always easy and beneficial to ourselves, b) we should still do it anyway,and c) you might not be able to change the world, but you can change someone’s world and that is just as important.

Dani Solomon is the assistant manager at Readings Kids.

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