A House for Mouse

Gabby Dawnay, Alex Barrow

A House for Mouse
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A House for Mouse

Gabby Dawnay, Alex Barrow

In a faraway land, a little gray mouse leaves his tiny hole in search of a new home. On his journey, he unwittingly encounters some of the biggest stars in the fairytale genre. He discovers a house shaped like a shoe (belonging to Old Mother Hubbard), which he concludes would be too noisy; he dines with a little pig in a house made of straw (awfully breezy); is flummoxed by a tower with no door (Rapunzel’s); and dares to take a nibble from a most remarkable house made of gingerbread (narrowly missing Hansel and Gretel).

The little gray mouse is about to give up when he comes face to face with the most spectacular house of all: a glorious castle (Sleeping Beauty’s). Its ballrooms, turrets, and drawbridge win him over, but he finds himself feeling alone, until- surprise!-his friends from the forest and all those he has met along the way come to the castle, where they feast and dance, and the little gray mouse learns that it is family and friends that turn a house into a home.

Children will delight in this fun, rhyming story with all of its rich references to well-known fairy tales.


Mouse decides it’s time to move house and ‘with a flick of his whiskers and twinkling eyes, he packed up his stuff and said his goodbyes’. Leaving the only home he’s known and all his friends, Mouse begins his exploring. First, he finds three little pigs whose homes seem interesting but actually appear to have some structural problems! Onward and upward, he spies a tower that could have some grand views, but it becomes apparent the only way in is via a long plait; starting to get the picture?

House hunting can be challenging and Mouse is also starting to get lonely, but then he spies a castle … Will the adventurous rodent find what he is looking for there? This is a fun, rhyming read-aloud that is also an imaginative introduction to a few of the best-loved nursery tales. For ages 2+.

Alexa Dretzke is the assistant manager and children’s book buyer at Readings Hawthorn.

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