Funny Kid for President

Matt Stanton

Funny Kid for President
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Funny Kid for President

Matt Stanton

Meet the funny kid! Because every kid loves to laugh. Every kid wants to laugh, but Max is the boy who can make it happen. He’s the class clown, the punch line and he’s even volunteered his bottom to be the butt of the joke. Max is the funny kid…and he’s running for class president.

Poop scandals, stalker ducks, surprise debates, psycho sports teachers, tell-all interviews and the great library vomit-a-geddon are just some of the things in store for Max and his friends at Redhill Middle School this election season.  


Max’s schoolteacher has it in for him. Someone has done a poop in Mr Armstrong’s storeroom. For reasons unknown (but probably related to the fact that Max is no good at sports…and forgets his schoolbag…and homework…and pants) Mr Armstrong is certain it was Max. To get back at him for making him clean it up, Max and his best friend Hugo decide to play a prank on him. Unfortunately Max’s archnemesis Abby catches them discussing the finer details of the plans and dobs them in. Mr Armstrong does not take this well and nearly smashes a door to try and get to the boys. Luckily they are rescued by Mrs Sniggles, the new school principal who insists that the students of Mr Armstrong elect a class president to report to her weekly on Mr Armstrong’s behaviour.

After some consideration, Max decides he’s going to run. Sadly Max’s campaign team consists of himself and Hugo. And Hugo isn’t always great at getting things right. Deciding at first to run under the slogan, ‘It’s morning again in Middle School’, Max does his best to run a straight and honest campaign. This proves difficult to do when it turns out someone is trying to sabotage his good name. Embracing the sabotage and running as the ‘funny kid’ doesn’t work either – and it’s not until Max and Hugo get their hands on some illegally obtained irrefutable evidence that they come up with their one final plan (it involves a crazy duck).

Funny Kid for President is a great read for fans of Wimpy Kid, Tom Gates and Big Nate. Highly recommended for ages 8+.

Dani Solomon is a children’s and YA specialist at Readings Kids.

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