Secrets Behind Energy Fields: Become Your Own Energy Guru, Reclaim Your Energy and Vitality

Myra Sri

Secrets Behind Energy Fields: Become Your Own Energy Guru, Reclaim Your Energy and Vitality
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Secrets Behind Energy Fields: Become Your Own Energy Guru, Reclaim Your Energy and Vitality

Myra Sri

Learn how to strengthen and support your energy, how to recover from negative interactions, how to identify just what is causing low energy. For all those experiencing energy loss issues, written by a health professional of many years experience. An essential book on understanding energy interactions in everyday situations. When we don’t know where our energy goes, when we work with others closely, when we are faced with emotional or traumatic scenes, when others think it is ok and acceptable to explode around us, when we think there must be something wrong with us because of what we continually encounter in our life, we need answers to what is happening, and what we can do about it! The secret is in supporting our energy fields. Over the years I have experienced energy drain, exhaustion to the point of severe depression, mind-fug and headaches due to other minds trying to get into my head, emotionally toxic people and almost an identity crisis because I felt I was being forced to do things other people’s ways whilst I was being overwhelmed, bullied, ignored or plain abused. Other people have also experienced this. They just may not have recognised it, and simply thought they were tired for doing too much, or felt that there was a fault within themselves for not coping. Nobody lives as an entire isolated and energetic island to themself. We are all social beings and part of life is social interaction of some kind or another. Learning to navigate through life in energies that are less than positive sometimes requires outside information or help. This book shares practical and proven techniques, easy exercises, effective solutions and self empowering tools for the weary, the overwhelmed, the sensitive, the long-suffering and the compromised. As an energy worker, facilitator and instructor of over 25 years, I share easy ways to support your own personal energies and health whilst being around others who are themselves in trouble. The information and techniques in this book are distilled from many years of training, practice and life experience. To be successful and happy, let clear and strong energy fields, good health and good energy become your positive foundation.

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