I Am Not I

Jacob Needleman

I Am Not I
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I Am Not I

Jacob Needleman

Part philosophical dialogue, part script/screenplay, I Am Not I is a conversation between the author (currently 80 years old) and his younger selves. The book serves to reconcile the split between our inner child and our adult self. I Am Not I takes the form–common in ancient spiritual traditions–of a dialogue between a guiding wisdom figure and a seeker. Here, the guide and the seeker are the author and his younger self. But throughout the text there is an ambiguity as to whether this is strictly the author’s internal dialogue or whether the younger self may be actually, mysteriously, on the way to being a re-birth of the author. Here the time-honored dialogue form is rendered more contemporary by being cast as a screenplay. At one level the book aims to bring younger readers (teen-agers and young adults) face to face with uniquely powerful spiritual/philosophical ideas. But as the book progresses, the dialogue drives down into questions and insights that carry astonishing new hope and vision for every man and women, challenging our culture’s accepted (and toxic) ideas about humanity’s place in a living universe. From the very beginning an intensely emotional process begins between the guide (Jacob) and the pupil (Jerry). Midway through this drama, a mysterious new voice is heard, guiding both Jacob and Jerry toward ever deepening mystic insights. In the midst of this dynamic process, fundamental spiritual ideas and issues are brought to light.

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