Super Happy Magic Forest

Matty Long

Super Happy Magic Forest
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Super Happy Magic Forest

Matty Long

There’s so much to see and talk about on every page of this hilarious story about five unlikely heroes (a unicorn, a gnome, a fairy, a faun, and a mushroom) who go on an epic quest to save their home, the amazing Super Happy Magic Forest!

Bursting with jokes and details to pore over, Super Happy Magic Forest is sure to be a hit with children and grown-ups alike!


I admit that before I even opened the cover of this picture book, I was ready to declare it the best one we currently have in our shop. Something about the bright and busy illustrations had hooked me immediately. Thankfully, the inside pages matched my expectations.

The story opens with five friends all having a lovely time – frolicking, fishing in the Agreeable Fishing Spot, hanging out at the Candy Floss Cave – when GASP… Someone steals the Mystical Crystals of Life… The wise Old Oak instructs the bravest and strongest warriors to go on a quest to the Goblin Tower and retrieve them in order to save the SUPER HAPPY MAGIC FOREST (the author’s website instructs that the forest’s name must always be written in capitals). Our five heroes include: a faun called Hoofious; a gnome called Herbert; a fairy called Twinkle; a rainbow unicorn called Blossom; and, a talking mushroom called Trevor. I won’t tell you what happens on their quest but I can assure you that it’s deeply entertaining and surprising.

This is the perfect picture book for budding nerds, or for adult nerds who have children, know of some children or even know of some adults who act like children. Not only has Matty Long put an immensely fun twist on the traditional epic quest tale, but his illustrations are brilliant. Almost every single picture is a little joke waiting to be discovered. Definitely the best picture book we currently have in our shop!

Dani Solomon works in the Children’s & YA section at Carlton.

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