My Dog Doesn’t Like Me

Elizabeth Fensham

My Dog Doesn't Like Me
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My Dog Doesn’t Like Me

Elizabeth Fensham

My dog doesn’t like me. It’s a fact. When I got back from running away, I explained this to my family.

Eric is very disappointed in the dog he got for his eighth birthday. He thought the dog, named Ugly (because he is just that), was going to be his ‘best friend’. But Ugly doesn’t even consider Eric his first-or second-best friend. Ugly loves Eric’s mum, grandad, dad, and his horrible sister Gretchen, even more than him.

Desperate to make Ugly love him the most, Eric puts some crazy plans into action to win over his pooch. Will Eric uncover the secret to Ugly’s heart, or will he forever have to watch his dog dote on every other family member except him?

One of our most-loved and prolific authors has written a beatifully told story that will resonate with pet lovers of all ages.


When you’re eight and you finally get a puppy for your birthday, you feel like nothing in the world can ruin your happiness. But what if owning a puppy is hard? What if your puppy prefers your mum instead of you? Is there anything more devastating than discovering that your puppy, who was supposed to be your life-long, loyal and obedient companion, doesn’t even like you? No, there is not. Except when your whole family tell you it’s your fault when your puppy is naughty.

My Dog Doesn’t Like Me perfectly captures the feeling all new pet owners have had at some point when the reality and responsibility of pet ownership set in. It’s not all rescuing Timmy from the well and having him lie at your feet by the fire. Pets are hard work, and Eric works hard to earn the love of Ugly, his dog. But will that be enough?

Dani Solomon works in the Children’s & YA section at Carlton.

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