Memories O' Mine: Growing Up in Scotland 1930 - 1954

Anna Clark Hender

Memories O' Mine: Growing Up in Scotland 1930 - 1954
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Memories O' Mine: Growing Up in Scotland 1930 - 1954

Anna Clark Hender

Anna Clark Hender was born in Dundee, Scotland, in 1930. Though fate, marriage, and her beautiful soprano voice would later take her to Canada and the United States, in Memories O' Mine she shares her memories of everyday life in a Great Britain on the cusp of WWII, so different from what we know today: Dad was one of eight and Mum of seven kids. All married and living in a large town on the east coast of Scotland. Closeness of family and community helped us have a happy childhood in spite of the Depression , and World War two. Born in a time of Gas Mantles for light and coal fires for heat.(coal carts being drawn by huge Clydesdale horses). Difficult times to imagine in this day and age. I don’t imagine, I REMEMBER. Mum and Dad both worked and my earliest memories were of being wrapped in a blanket against the cold damp Scottish mornings and carried to Gran’s to be sat in front of her big fireplace. The fire was burning brightly, as it was the only heat in the house. The adults had already had their breakfast and were on their way to work. The big kitchen was plenty busy though as Gran also cared for five of my cousins. From The Author: I will always be proud to be born a Scot, in a country of great beauty, stormy history and honest, kind and couthie people.

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