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Lili Wilkinson

Penny Drummond aspires to be a journalist. A good one. A Pulitzer prize-winning journalist. In the meantime, she’s honing her journalistic skills on the East Glendale Secondary College Gazette. When she discovers a boy at her school is posting anonymous messages on, Penny believes she has found just the story that will help make her name. Her mission: find him, fix him, feature-article him. Next stop: Pulitzer Prize. But what will become of her ‘journey of the soul’ article if the love-shy boy is not who she expects? And what happens when Penny finds that her soul might be in need of a little attention as well? Love-Shy is a lively, entertaining and warm-hearted romantic comedy filled with serious secrets, ambitious plans, awkward moments and unexpected friendships - funny and engaging to the very last page. ‘Funny and warm and irreverent and chock-full of sass . Lili Wilkinson creates utterly realistic and recognisable worlds, where everything is just a bit funnier, quippier and more colourful than in real life.’ Leanne Hall, author of This Is Shyness


Following in the footsteps of her last book, A Pocketful of Eyes, Wilkinson brings back the girl detective in the character of Penny Drummond.

Desperate to become a prize-winning journalist, Penny uses her time at her school paper to hone her journalistic talents. While wanting to come up with the perfect article, Penny stumbles upon a website left open on one of the school computers;, which someone on her school has been posting on. Realising she has the perfect base for her article, Penny puts her detective skills into overdrive and begins a search for the author of not only these posts but also a blog that has the writings of one desperate and confused young man looking for love.

Once again Wilkinson has created a strong female character who is inquisitive, ambitious and interesting, as well as a teenager who is still trying to work out life while dealing with just being a teenager. This book, about finding oneself, finding love and acceptance, is well written and compelling. Wilkinson is a great writer for young women.

Katherine Dretzke is from Readings Hawthorn

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