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Aurelia & Tahlia’s ultimate guide to Leigh Bardugo

by Aurelia Orr & Tahlia Malojer

Aurelia Orr & Tahlia Malojer are members of the 2021 Readings Teen Advisory Board. Welcome to the Grishaverse!

Die-hard fans know Leigh Bardugo as the queen of YA fantasy. Newcomers may know her as the creator behind the critically acclaimed Netflix show ‘Shadow and Bone’.

Whichever path led you here – maybe the phrase ‘bookstagram made me buy it’ rings true to you – read on if you have an a…

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What we’re reading: Andrada & de Beauvoir

Each week we bring you a sample of the books we’re reading, the films we’re watching, the television shows we’re hooked on, or the music we’re loving. Angela Crocombe is reading The Inseparables by Simone de Beauvoir and That Weekend by Kara Thomas

I enjoyed Simone de Beauvoir’s The Inseparables this week. Based on de Beauvoir’s formative childhood friendship with a charismatic, highly reli…

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Readings to open new shop at Emporium Melbourne


Independent book retailer Readings is set to open up shop in Emporium, Melbourne by the end of 2021. It has been a tumultuous 18 months for bricks-and-mortar retail, and Readings sees this as reaffirming its commitment to books, the city of Melbourne and the publishing industry.

Mark Rubbo, managing director at Readings, is excited by the project: ‘There is some risk of course a…

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Recommended novels centring family sagas

There’s something particularly captivating about multi-generational family sagas, those masterful works that seem to effortlessly trace the ties that bind over decades and sometimes even centuries. These novels invite an intense emotional investment; the ensuing intimacy imbues these stories with incredible staying power. Through accounts of often absorbing detail, they remind us that history is …

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New Australian Fiction shortlist spotlight: Echolalia by Briohny Doyle

Echolalia is one of the six books shortlisted for this year’s Readings New Australian Fiction Prize. This moving, unflinching novel tells the story of a mother who must go on living after one moment of irretrievable darkness changes everything.

Our 2021 judges describe Doyle’s work as ‘heartbreaking from the very beginning, this beautiful, nightmarish, fearless story grips you and will not let y…

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A spotlight on translated fiction this month

If you’re looking to read more works in translation this month, here’s five new works of fiction to bring you stories from around the world. The Woman in the Purple Skirt by Natsuko Imamura (translated by Lucy North)

The Woman in the Purple Skirt seems to live in a world of her own. She appears to glide through crowded streets without acknowledging any reaction her presence elicits. Each af…

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The best new crime reads in September

by Fiona Hardy

Our crime specialist shares 10 great crime reads to look out for this month. CRIME BOOK OF THE MONTH I Shot the Devil by Ruth McIver

Ruth McIver’s manuscript of I Shot the Devil won Australia’s Richell Prize for Emerging Writers a few years ago, and on reading the published book, you can see why: this America-set crime novel is riveting from start to end.

Erin Sloane is a journalist who…

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New indestructible books for babies

by Angela Crocombe

It’s important to introduce books to babies from birth to stimulate learning. They will soon get into the routine of handling books and even learn to turn the pages from a young age. But there’s no doubt they will also chew, slobber, and maybe even throw them, so its good to have books that are washable, safe and sturdy. Here are a few of our favourite recent, non-toxic, extremely durable baby b…

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