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Benjamin Law chats with Michelle Dicinoski

by Benjamin Law

Michelle Dicinoski talks to Benjamin Law about revolution and love, our hidden queer histories and her debut memoir Ghost Wife.

Cast your mind back to the last decade, and you might be forgiven for thinking same-sex marriage was going to be legalised in Australia at any moment. For the first time in history, the majority of polled Australians supported the idea. Around the world, countries…

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Round-Up of March New Releases

by Martin Shaw

Let’s start my wrap-up of March with some highlights from the thriving independent Australian publishing scene. Our new writing feature this month focuses on Michelle Dicinoski’s Ghost Wife from Black Inc., a moving account of her long journey to marry her partner by way of Canada, one of the few countries to legally recognise same-sex marriage. From MUP, Monica Dux gives us an insiders’ guide to…

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The Story of My Book: Susan Vaught on Freaks Like Us

Susan Vaught tells us about how her work as a psychologist influenced her latest young adult novel, and about Frank, her loyal writing companion.

As with my other books (Going Underground, My Big Fat Manifesto) this is typically the view I had when I was writing Freaks Like Us.

Frank is an African Grey – and yes, she’s a girl named Frank. Greys don’t mature until around age 10, and until…

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AMP Prize 2013

by Dave Clarke

Inspired by the British music industry and it’s Mercury Prize, the Australian Music Prize (AMP) rewards artistic excellence and is voted for by a small group of music industry experts including music retailers, journalists and musicians themselves, with no record company people or managers.

Picking a winner is never easy and this year’s shortlist of nine titles is very strong. Personally I would…

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Summer Reading Highlights for Kids and Teens

Our children’s book buyers share some of their literary highlights from summer – picture books, junior fiction, young adult and ones parents might need to borrow from their children’s bookshelves.

Angela Crocombe from St Kilda recommends…

I adored Maude, the Not-So-Noticeable Shrimpton by Lauren Child. The Shrimpton family are all fabulously eccentric, dazzlingly beautiful, and spectacular …

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Silver Linings Playbook: Book vs. Film

by Nina Kenwood

I consumed Silver Linings Playbook in this order: the film trailer, the book, then the film itself.

After watching the trailer a few months before the film release, I bought the book with the assumption I would be reading a romantic comedy. And that’s essentially what the film is – a smart, funny, heartwarming romantic drama. But that’s not how I would classify the book at all.

Both the film …

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Essential Picture Books (Part 2)

by Emily Gale

The children’s specialists across all Readings stores have been working on a Top 40 Essential Picture Books list. Back in December we published Part 1, consisting of 10 books (click here to see those). Part 2 contains the next 10 we regularly champion in-store.

Owl Babies by Martin Waddell and Patrick Benson

Most children hit a patch of separation anxiety at some point and this book cleverl…

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The Inaugural Stella Prize Longlist 2013

The Stella Prize have released their first-ever longlist featuring multi-award winning authors alongside new talent.

Named after one of Australia’s most important female authors, Stella Maria Miles Franklin (1879–1954), the Stella Prize celebrates Australian women’s contribution to literature, open to both fiction and non-fiction. This year’s judges – writer and critic Kerryn Goldsworthy, …

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Meet the Bookseller with Emily Gale

Emily Gale chats about time-slip novels, half-eaten kumquats and swooning over Morris Gleitzman.

Why do you work in books?

Books keep me sane (ish), but I have to remind myself that I fell into children’s books by chance. My first job as an editorial assistant was just one of many I applied for after uni, and 15 years down the line, it seems outlandish that I could have ended up doing so…

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Mission: find the heart of St Kilda

This February, team up with pals on a mission around St Kilda in an Amazing Race style contest to raise funds for Sacred Heart Mission.

To celebrate Sacred Heart Mission’s 30th anniversary, the local institution is holding Mission: find the heart of St Kilda - a fundraising race where teams follow clues to ‘pit stops’, complete challenges and try to stave off rivals.

Contestants will learn ab…

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