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The Story of My Book: Jaclyn Moriarty on A Corner of White

by Jaclyn Moriarty

Some books defy neat categories. Jaclyn Moriarty tells us the story behind her new novel, A Corner of White, which you’ll find in our Young Adult section as well as in Fiction.

There’s a guy who writes for the New York Times and a few months back he said that he would never read a ‘young adult’ book. Or only once he’d finished the last 3,000 years of fiction for adults. Which I suppose he …

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The Way We Work: Nick Earls and Terry Whidbourne on Word Hunters

by Emily Gale

How do authors and illustrators work together? Author Nick Earls and illustrator Terry Whidbourne discuss their relationship during the making of Word Hunters: The Curious Dictionary, a terrific new book for ages 9+.

NE: From the start, I felt as if I only wanted to go ahead with Word Hunters if it was a chance to work with Terry and could be a genuine collaboration. I wanted someone with a …

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Helen Garner talks with Cate Kennedy about her latest collection, Like a House on Fire

by Helen Garner

Cate Kennedy returns to the well-fortified ground of the short story with a new collection, Like a House on Fire. Here, she chats with Helen Garner.

It was at the Wheeler Centre’s first Gala Storytelling night, when she stood on the Town Hall stage with barely a scrap of paper and rocked a crowd, that I saw what a natural Cate Kennedy is. She has the feel for shape and pace, the mastery of the…

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Q&A with A.S. Patrić, author of Las Vegas for Vegans

by Ryan O’Neill

Ryan O’Neill talks to A.S. Patrić about his new collection, Las Vegas for Vegans.

Las Vegas for Vegans is your second collection to be published in two years, following on from The Rattler and Other Stories. Do you see your new collection as a continuation of the themes you explored in The Rattler or more of a departure?

A book often has a particular dynamic. If I was to characterise both …

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Hazel Rowley Literary Fellowship 2013 now open

Applications for the second Hazel Rowley Literary Fellowship open today.

Open to Australian citizens, this Fellowship commemorates the work of Hazel Rowley (1951-2011), one of the world’s leading biographers, who left behind a legacy of great writing, a passion for words and for exploring the lives and relationships of exceptional men and women.

Up to $10,000 will be awarded for travel and res…

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Q&A with Andrew Croome, author of Midnight Empire

by Jessica Au

Andrew Croome chats with Jessica Au about his novel, Midnight Empire.

Tell us about the research process for Midnight Empire – how did you go about immersing yourself in the world of professional poker or the air force base for example?

Before writing the book I travelled to Las Vegas, where I visited most of the poker rooms and spoke to a lot of players. I deliberately went alone because t…

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Round-Up of October New Release Books

by Martin Shaw

Neil Young and Patti Smith in conversation – discussing Neil’s upcoming autobiography, Waging Heavy Peace – was the hottest ticket at the US book convention I attended in June. So, you guessed it, I didn’t get in! But my colleague Robbie did, lucky sod, and he reports as follows:

‘Brilliant. Neil talked about his guitar solos as being an attempt to access his dreams. “There are two kinds of drea…

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Q&A with Lily Brett, author of Lola Bensky

by Jessica Au

Lily Brett chats with Jessica Au about her new novel, Lola Bensky.

Lola Bensky follows a 19-year-old rock journalist as she traverses the music scene from London to LA in 1967. You also began your career writing for Australian rock newspaper Go-Set at 18. Do you think that writing from or of ourselves allows for greater depth or truth?

I think that one way or another we all write from our o…

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Preview of Whole Larder Love

by Chris Gordon

Our resident foodie Chris Gordon previews Rohan Anderson’s Whole Larder Love.

Here’s a bloke doing the walk and the talk – and someone as pure as that has to be admired. Rohan Anderson started out with a sweet little plot of land – the size of a Fitzroy courtyard – and grew stuff. One summer he grew 22kg of tomatoes, he made his pumpkin vines walk up the side of a fence and he felt strangely i…

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Five must watch DVDs

by Gerard Elson

Because I like you, dear reader, I’ll level with you: I haven’t viewed a new DVD in weeks. It feels weird and is not behaviour I’d recommend.

As the author of the Readings Monthly’s DVD page, I’m typically up to my ears in great cinema and television—after all, it’s quite a range we have here. Alas, with the Damoclean sword that is the end of the university year looming ever nearer, I’m ashamed …

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