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What We’re Reading

Each week we bring you a sample of the books we’re reading, the films we’re watching, the television shows we’re hooked on or the music we’re loving.

Chris is reading White Noise by Don DeLillo

I’ve had this book recommended to me often, and I’d passed up the opportunity to read it again and again, until recently after a friend recounted a few scenes and lines to me that he’d found funny.

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How to have a vegetarian Christmas

by Bronte Coates

Bronte Coates shares some of her favourite recipes for non-meat eaters this Christmas.

Last week my housemates and I hosted a pre-Christmas dinner so we could celebrate together before we all disappeared into our own families and holidays. As we’re mostly vegetarians we decided to make the menu meat-free and, as I tend to get a little nostalgic this time of year, as traditional as we could get…

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The story of my book: The Great Unknown

by Angela Meyer

While I was writing my thesis I’d get hooked on different TV series and watch episodes at night while my partner was at work. I managed to turn my Simpsons marathons into a chapter in my exegesis, and it was while watching the original series of The Twilight Zone that the book The Great Unknown was born. We can also thank social media.

I tweeted one night about entering the Zone and Bronwyn Meha…

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Special in-store offers this Christmas season

This Christmas season we’re thrilled to announce some exciting special offers available in our shops.

$10 off signed copies of Burial Rites by Hannah Kent for one day only!

On Thursday 19 December, for one day only, we’re delighted to offer $10 off Hannah Kent’s acclaimed début Burial Rites (was $32.99 now $22.95). The offer also includes a bookplate signed by the author.

This special offe…

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Five books that unsettled me in 2013

by Bronte Coates

Elena Ferrante is my favourite literary discovery of 2013 and the first book of hers I read, The Days of Abandonment, has permanently lodged itself under my skin. Even though I also love Ferrante’s other books (you can read my review of My Brilliant Friend here), this title wins ‘most distressing book I read this year’ hands down.

Narrated by Olga, a woman whose husband unexpectedly leaves h…

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Why I want my sister to read Terry Pratchett

by Dani Solomon

Bookseller Dani Solomon tells us why she’s gifted her sister Terry Pratchett’s series about a witch named Tiffany Aching.

My sister turned 11 this year. She’s an excellent human with a wicked sense of humour who very much knows her own mind and I am stupidly proud of her just for existing. She’ll start high school soon and like any decent big sister who works in a bookshop I want to load up he…

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Ric Hambleton wins the Age Short Story Award for 2013

At age 67, Ric Hambleton has been presented with two prizes in this year’s Age Short Story Awards.

Hambleton’s story about a group of young communists in Preston in the 1950s, ‘Joseph Stalin and the Bourgeois Ferret’, has won the $2000 first prize, while ‘Wotsername’ won the $500 third prize. The poet Lisa Jacobson, author of the acclaimed speculative verse novel The Sunlit Zone, was awarded the…

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Sam Twyford-Moore on photography books

by Sam Twyford-Moore

Good writing about photography is hard to find. There are millions of photography books – instructions, owner manuals, individual artist monographs, digital camera guides for dummies – but few books of critical writing dedicated to the art. Usually it takes a non-expert stepping into the field to offer a different perspective and bring the book to attention. Janet Malcolm began writing about phot…

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