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The Readings New Australian Writing Award 2014 Shortlist

We’re thrilled to announce the six shortlisted books for Readings New Australian Writing Award!

The Readings New Australian Writing Award is for an Australian author’s first or second book of fiction, and recognises exciting and exceptional new literary talent.

Here are the shortlisted books for 2014:

The Tribe by Michael Mohammed Ahmad (Giramondo) An Elegant Young Man by Luke Carman (Giramon…

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Favel Parrett on researching When the Night Comes

by Favel Parrett

In 2012, Favel Parrett won the Australian Antarctic Arts Fellowship, and was able to travel on Antarctic resupply vessel, Aurora Australis, in order to research her novel When the Night Comes. Here, she tells us about the voyage and shares an excerpt from her journal of the voyage.

It was a busy trip – a major re-supply of the base, plus passenger drop-off and pick-up. The ship carried over on…

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The 2014 Inky Awards Shortlist

The Inkys are international awards for teen literature, voted for online by the readers of the State Library of Victoria Inside a Dog website. Together, the six teen judges on this year’s panel have selected five Australian titles (for the Gold Inky) and five international titles (for the Silver Inky).

The Gold Inky 2014 Shortlist:

These Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner The Firs

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What we’re reading

Each week we bring you a sample of the books we’re reading, the films we’re watching, the television shows we’re hooked on or the music we’re loving.

Deb is reading Astragal by Albertine Sarrazin

If Patti Smith recommends a book I tend to take note. A chance encounter with a glossy magazine with Smith espousing the life-changing charms of Astragal found me jotting down the name Albertine Sa…

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Read your way through the Melbourne Writers Festival

The Melbourne Writers Festival (MWF) kicks off today and runs for ten days (21 - 31 August). Here’s our recommended reading list to read your way through the festival!

This House of Grief: The Story of a Murder Trial by Helen Garner

As Helen Garner will be giving the opening address of this year’s festival (find out more here), it seems fitting to start with her utterly compelling new narra…

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Belle Place presents the best book covers of August

by Belle Place

Vogliamo Tutto (We Want Everything) by Nanni Balestrini

This book from Italian writer Nanni Balestrini was first published in 1971. Vogliamo Tutto (We Want Everything) focuses on the ‘hot autumn of 1969’ that started with a big strike at Fiat, Turin, and sparked nearly 10 years of radical action in Italy. This is the first English translation of the work, and is published by a new Melbourne-ba…

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Children & young adult books highlights for August

by Emily Gale

I’m passionate about picture books and this month there are several stand-outs. From Bob Graham, a story with plenty to say in a few carefully chosen words and his trademark style: Vanilla Ice Cream. The worlds of a tiny sparrow from India and a little girl in Australia collide in slow motion to show us the beauty of a big wide world and the joy of tiny connective moments within it.

Melbourne ar…

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Ask Agatha: Books to make you seem smarter and the ideal Agatha Christie reader

The latest installment of our book advice column where you can ask our wise bookseller Agatha all your tricky (book-related) questions. Agatha, I have a question about your namesake, Agatha Christie. Where do I start? Are her books an acquired taste or can you jump straight in? Who is the ideal ‘Agatha Christie’ reader?

Well, I daresay it’s lovely to get a question about my namesake. I have l…

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