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NSW Premier’s Literary Award Winners Announced

The winners of the 2013 NSW Premier’s Literary Awards were announced last night at the State Library of NSW.

Carrie Tiffany won the prestigious New South Wales Premier’s Literary Award for Fiction for her novel Mateship With Birds (which also recently won the Stella Prize!)

The Premier’s Award for New Writing was presented to Michael Sala for his autobiographical novel, The Last Thread (which r…

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Reading Matters at SLV: Round-Up

by Emily Gale

From Thursday 30th May to Saturday 1st June, Melbourne’s children’s and YA book fanatics are going to be in Seventh Heaven – and by that I mean The State Library of Victoria. Find out what Readings' specialist team are most looking forward to on the Reading Matters program.

Angela Crocombe, Children’s and YA Specialist at the St Kilda store:

Alison Croggon totally blew me away with Black

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The 2013 Commonwealth Book Prize Regional Winners Announced

The regional winners of the 2013 Commonwealth Book Prize have been announced with Australian author, Michael Sala, named the winner of the Pacific region for his book, The Last Thread.

The Commonwealth Book Prize and the Commonwealth Short Story Prize act as catalysts to target and identify talented writers, and to create environments where alliances of writers in remote places and those with …

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The Way We Work: Kim Kane and Marion Roberts

Writing is often said to be a lonely occupation, but what happens when you co-author a work of fiction? The authors of new YA novel Cry Blue Murder, Kim Kane and Marion Roberts, share their experience.

MR: With over seven published novels and picture books between us our usual approach has been to work on solo projects. Cry Blue Murder is our first collaboration as writers.

KK: Writing t…

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Picturing Gatsby

by Nicki Greenberg

Nicki Greenberg looks back at adaptations of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic, from Francis Ford Coppola’s 1974 screenplay to Gatz.

I first read The Great Gatsby when I was 17 years old. I was captivated by it: by the beauty, the melancholy, the grand yearnings and grown-up extravagance that hummed on a frequency outside the range of my experience. I had to stretch to touch that floating, tarnish…

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Roadtesting Courgette Cake

by Chris Gordon

Chris Gordon road tests the recipe for ‘Courgette’ Cake as seen in the delightfully quirky The Bookery Cook.

As much as I am completely in love with this sweet book of delicious recipes, and even more delicious illustrations, I am equally concerned that these three wonderful Australian writers and food-lovers (all sisters) seem driven to use French words when there is no need. Does it make you…

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Meet the Bookseller with Amy Vuleta

by Amy Vuleta

Amy Vuleta shares some of her favourite new releases from Australian authors, and tells us which Michael Chabon book inspired her to invest in a beehive!

Why do you work in books?

I’ve always loved to read, and when I was a teenager I realised that most of what I knew about the world – of history, geography, biology and human relationships – I had learned from reading stories. I’ve always…

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On Motherhood and Sharing Books

In the lead-up to Mother’s Day, three Melbourne authors reflect on the books they’ve most enjoyed sharing with their mothers – and the reads they’ve loved sharing with their children, too.

Jo Case

My favourite author to share with my mum is Jane Austen, the first ‘grown up’ author I really loved. When I was in high school, Mum repeatedly urged me to read Pride and Prejudice and Emma – but I…

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Q&A with Anna Krien

by Jessica Au

In Night Games, Anna Krien takes a fearless and compelling look at the dark side of footy culture – in particular the disturbing incidents that took place in a South Melbourne townhouse after the 2010 grand final that culminated in the rape trial of a young footballer. Here, she talks to Jessica Au.

What drew you to explore this side of sporting culture? Did you feel that this was a book that

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Roadtesting Rizogalo

Chris Gordon uses a rainy day as an excuse to test out Sweet Greek: Simple Food, Sumptuous Feasts.

It’s raining outside. Pouring in fact. The air is cold and it seems winter is laying its heavy head on me already even though I’m sure I was outside frolicking in the sunshine only last week. Now I’m looking for warmth and Kathy Tsaples, bless her, has the answer.

I skim through her cookbook, Swee

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