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Books you might have missed in July

by Belle Place

Given the sizeable number of new releases that arrive in store each month, here are notes from the Readings editorial office on books you might have missed in July.

Skylight by José Saramago

Jose Saramago first submitted Skylight to a publisher in 1953, but the manuscript was lost in the publishers’ offices in Lisbon for decades, and is only recently being published in English. A Nobel Priz…

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Rebecca Jessen on the influence of Dorothy Porter in Gap

by Rebecca Jessen

Rebecca Jessen’s award-winning verse novella, Gap , is a gripping crime thriller. Here, she talks about the influence of Australian poet Dorothy Porter on her work.

My first encounter with the work of late Australian poet Dorothy Porter was in mid 2011 in a second-hand bookshop in Newtown, Sydney. I picked up a copy of The Monkey’s Mask, intrigued by the two naked female bodies splayed across …

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The story of my book: Downsize With Style

by Bettina Deda

A few years ago I came across Steve Jobs' 2005 Stanford Commencement speech. I couldn’t help but keep on listening as he inspired the students to never give up looking for what they really want to do in their lives. He encouraged them to keep searching until they have found what they love to do. He said that when you do this, eventually the ‘dots will connect’.

I could so much relate to this aft…

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Nic Low on designing the book cover for Arms Race

by Nic Low

Nic Low’s short-story collection, Arms Race , is a playful debut. Here, he shares the inspiration behind the book’s cover design, courtesy of WH Chong.

A few years ago, on a launch heading to a small island off New Zealand’s south coast, I thought I saw a giant octopus. It lay beneath the waves like a bruise. It was as wide as a downed jumbo jet. I figured something that big had to be powerful…

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Our mid-year bookish awards for 2014

The Vladimir Nabokov award for an opening paragraph:
Family Life by Akhil Sharma

‘My father has a glum nature. He retired three years ago, and he doesn’t talk much. Left to himself, he can remain silent for days. When this happens, he begins brooding, he begins thinking strange thoughts. Recently he told me that I was selfish, that I had always been selfish, that when I was a baby I would start

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Our mid-year bookish awards for 2014 (for young people)

Best Young Adult memoir:
Popular by Maya Van Wagenen

Some teenage diaries are best kept under lock and key, but happily this one is charming, well-written, and a great insight into 8th Grade politics.

Best translated Young Adult novel:
Nine Open Arms by Benny Lindelauf, translated by John Nieuwenhuizen

Eccentric and unique, with quirky humour and dark turns, this is something a little differ…

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What we’re reading

Each week we bring you a sample of the books we’re reading, the films we’re watching, the television shows we’re hooked on or the music we’re loving.

Emily is reading The Road by Cormac McCarthy (or at least, half of it)

I decided to start this novel years after making it a victim of tsundoku (the act of leaving a book unread after buying it). What a gut-twisting masterpiece this is. Well, …

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DVD challenges for winter

Here are five ways to enjoy staying in during the cold winter evenings. Commit yourself to a beloved TV show that you missed out on when it was actually aired.

Make this the year you finally watch Twin Peaks which is probably the greatest television series of all-time (who us? Biased?). If you’re asking yourself, do I really have to watch this old show then check out this great response fro…

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The 2014 Man Booker Prize longlist

Congratulations to all the authors and publishers longlisted for the 2014 Man Booker Prize, including Australian Richard Flanagan for his novel, The Narrow Road to the Deep North.

This year’s longlist ranges from a new novel from a previous winner of the award (J) to a debut novel that was ‘crowdfunded’ by members of the public (The Wake). This is also the first year that this prestigious litera…

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