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Melbourne Prize for Music 2013 winners announced

Brett Dean received the $60,000 Melbourne Prize for Music 2013, while Stephen Magnusson was awarded the $30,000 Outstanding Musicians Award 2013 and Kate Kelsey-Sugg the $13,000 Development Award 2013.

The judges wrote:

The diversity of the 2103 finalists is testimony to the abundant music talent and spectrum of genres we have in Victoria. The three recipients inform a diversity and richness of

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Recommendations by Young Adult Authors

by Emily Gale

Which young adult books do your favourite Australian YA authors love?

‘This year I read Nick Lake’s In Darkness, which won the Michael L. Printz Award (for Excellence in Young Adult Literature). It’s an intense, in-your-face book about Haiti, told through the mind of a boy trapped in the rubble of a hospital levelled by the recent earthquake and visited by the spirit of a rebel leader. Nick La…

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November Kids' and YA Books Round-Up

by Emily Gale

There are two empowering non-fiction picture books out this month. In Fighting For Freedom, Cassy Liberman’s second foray into stories about women who’ve made a powerful but little-known impact on the world, children discover the story of Australian spy Nancy Wake who risked her life numerous times during WW2. The illustrations are really striking. And there are many more impressive women to lear…

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The Story of My Books

by Cassy Liberman

I grew up in a world of books and stories. I can still picture myself as a young girl, snuggled up in bed at night devouring my books, knowing I had to go to sleep but so captivated that I couldn’t put my book down and turn off the light. Just one more page! Okay, maybe just one more!

Nothing has changed.

As I grew and my tastes changed, I found myself constantly drawn to biographies of strong,…

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What I Loved: Because a White Man’ll Never Do it by Kevin Gilbert

by Chris Dite

Sometimes publishers make bold choices. The recent re-publication of Kevin Gilbert’s polemic from the 1970s, Because a White Man’ll Never Do It, is such a choice. Gilbert, a co-founder of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy in Canberra, wrote the book to spark debate and encourage political organisation in Aboriginal communities. That the work still stands as relevant today, and even as absolutely urgent…

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Jo Case on Misjudging True Crime

by Jo Case

In 2009, I interviewed Chloe Hooper about The Tall Man, her now world-renowned book on an Aboriginal death in custody on Palm Island, and the longstanding community tensions it brought to a boil. At the time, I was surprised to hear her categorise her book as true crime, citing her influences as Helen Garner’s Joe Cinque’s Consolation and Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood. I had always considered tho…

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What We’re Reading

Each week we bring you a sample of the books we’re reading, the films we’re watching, the television shows we’re hooked on or the music we’re loving.

Amy is reading American Savage

Dangerous ideas are my favourite kind of ideas - any conversation starter that begins with the disclaimer ‘this might sound kind of bad/offensive/crazy, but…’ is usually something I want to know about. Which is…

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Jamie Durie on Edible Garden Design

by Chris Gordon

Chris Gordon chats with Jamie Durie about Edible Garden Design, a book for anyone that has ever planted a seed, from apartment residents to inner city hipsters, and onto those lucky people on some land.

I love the layout of this book, especially where you show what you grow. Lovely design. Yours?

I’m so happy that you like it, I am very proud of it! The design of the pages where we show what …

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The Story of My Book: Lineup

by Liad Shoham

Israeli writer and attorney Liad Shoham tells us how the women in his life helped him inspired him to write his latest novel, Lineup.

It started on a Friday, and just like many other times, it was because of the women in my family.

As on every Friday evening, we were having Shabbat dinner at my parents. Whenever we try to cancel, my mother always invents an event specifically on that day that…

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