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The best new cookbooks in November

by Chris Gordon

Chris Gordon, our monthly food and gardening columnist, shares four of her favourite cookbooks out in November. Just Desserts by Charlotte Ree

These are all the things I love about Charlotte Ree’s debut book: the way it looks, the way it feels, and the possibility it offers that all these cakes and slices could be mine. Instagram sensation Charlotte Ree is famous for her delicious cooking a…

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The best books, news & events for teens in November

by Leanne Hall

This month we have a dark fantasy from a favourite prize-winning author, and contemporary fiction that explores a range of timely themes: online celebrity, emotional abuse in families, President Duterte’s war on drugs in the Philippines, and more. Find our November picks for kids books here. YA BOOK OF THE MONTH

Deeplight by Frances Hardinge

Fifty years after the deaths of the terrifyi…

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The best kids' books, news & events for November

by Leanne Hall

This month we’ve got books that celebrate brave and ambitious kids, quirky stories full of mystery and magic, and a celebration of unusual Australian animals. Find our November picks for YA books here. KIDS BOOK OF THE MONTH

Sofia Valdez, Future Prez by Andrea Beaty & David Roberts

Every morning, Abuelo walks Sofia to school… until one day, when Abuelo hurts his ankle at a local landfi…

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Mark’s Say, November 2019

by Mark Rubbo

A little over a year ago our shop at State Library Victoria moved into the refurbished Baldwin Spencer room on Russell Street. When I was a child that room was the entrance to the Museum and, if I remember rightly, housed the stuffed hide of legendary racehorse Phar Lap. In its new colours, Baldwin Spencer certainly doesn’t have any skeletons in its closet and is now, surely, one of Melbourne’s g…

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What we’re reading: Miller, Wood & Whitehead

Each week we bring you a sample of the books we’re reading, the films we’re watching, the television shows we’re hooked on or the music we’re loving. Leanne Hall is reading The Republic of Birds by Jessica Miller (available March 2020)

I have just finished reading The Republic of Birds, the second middle grade novel by Berlin-based Australian author Jessica Miller. It isn’t out until March …

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Dear Reader, November 2019

by Alison Huber

Did I think this time last year that I’d be encouraging everyone to read a book based on the life of St Paul and a bunch of other folks from biblical times? Certainly not, but here I am and it is so. The mighty Damascus is the book in question by the one and only Christos Tsiolkas. It’s our Fiction Book of the Month that everyone who cares about literature will be talking about very soon, roundin…

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Meet the bookseller with Athina Clarke

by Athina Clarke

Athina Clarke is one of our brilliant children’s and young adult book specialists, and has worked at Readings since 2002 – first at the Port Melbourne shop, before moving onto Readings Malvern where she’s been the buyer for more than seven years. She has been involved in a number of initiatives around children’s books over the years and was named the recipient of the ABA Elizabeth Riley Fellowshi…

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The Baillie Gifford Prize shortlist 2019

The Baillie Gifford prize is the UK’s most prestigious award for nonfiction writing. This year’s shortlist contains works of history, true crime, memoir and biography.

Here are the six titles on the 2019 shortlist:

Furious Hours: Murder, Fraud and the Last Trial of Harper Lee by Casey Cep On Chapel Sands by Laura Cumming The Lives of Lucian Freud: Youth by William Feaver Maoism: A Global Hist

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