Our children’s & YA top 10 bestsellers of the week

  1. Aurora Burning (The Aurora Cycle, Book 2) by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff
  2. The Year the Maps Changed by Danielle Binks
  3. When It Drops by Alex Dyson
  4. Slime by David Walliams & Tony Ross
  5. Bluey: Time to Play!
  6. Real Pigeons Peck Punches (Real Pigeons, Book 5) by Andrew McDonald & Ben Wood
  7. Landing with Wings by Trace Balla
  8. Dawn of the Underlord (The Bad Guys, Book 11) by Aaron Blabey
  9. Sherlock Bones and the Natural History Mystery by Renée Treml
  10. Respect by Aunty Fay Muir, Sue Lawson & Lisa Kennedy

How wonderful it is to see so many new Australian books in our kids & YA bestsellers this week, and across all age groups too! The second instalment in Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff’s explosive The Aurora Cycle YA sci-fi series, Aurora Burning launched at number one, followed by the thoughtful middle grade debut from Danielle Binks, The Year the Maps Changed, Alex Dyson’s music-fuelled YA debut, When It Drops and the gorgeous picture book, Respect, by Aunty Fay Muir, Sue Lawson and Lisa Kennedy.

We are, of course, extremely pumped for two best-selling additions to our favourite junior fiction series, Real Pigeons and The Bad Guys. In Real Pigeons Peck Punches the Pigeons face a traitor in their own nest (gasp!) and Dawn of the Underlord sees Mr Snake going on a blood-curdling rampage. We can’t think of a better way to lift our spirits at the moment than picking up one of these hilarious reads.

Aurora Burning (The Aurora Cycle 2)

Aurora Burning (The Aurora Cycle 2)

Amie Kaufman, Jay Kristoff

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