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Text Classics Page to Picture series: Careful, He Might Hear You

Cinema Nova, 380 Lygon Street, Carlton, 3053

Text Classics Page to Picture series – the first Wednesday every month (from June - October, 2012). A series of events in celebration of Australian Text Classics. Watch a film adaptation of an Australian Text Classic and stay for a panel discussion about the book and film with a team of industry experts.

Careful, He Might Hear You

Host: Michael Heyward, Director of Text Publishing.

Panellists: Jill Robb: Producer of the film of CAREFUL, HE MIGHT HEAR YOU.
Robyn Nevin: Starred in CAREFUL, HE MIGHT HEAR YOU and wrote the introduction to the Text Classics edition of Sumner Locke Elliott’s novel.
Philippa Hawker: Film writer and reviewer for The Age.

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