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Kill Your Darlings: First Book Club with Eleanor Gordon-Smith

Readings Carlton — 309 Lygon St, Carlton, Victoria, 3053

Philosopher Eleanor Gordon-Smith’s Stop Being Reasonable is an insightful exploration of what it means to radically alter your beliefs about the things that matter most to you. Dylan leaves the cult he’s been raised in since birth, Susie realises her husband harbours a terrible secret, Alex discovers he can no longer return to his former identity after impersonating someone else on reality TV.⠀

What makes them change course? What does this say about our own beliefs? And, in an increasingly divided world, what does it teach us about how we might change the minds of others?

The KYD First Book Club is a monthly event, open to all, in which a local author is interviewed about their debut release. Eleanor Gordon-Smith will be in conversation with First Book Club coordinator Ellen Cregan.

Stop Being Reasonable

Stop Being Reasonable

Eleanor Gordon-Smith

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